About Us

We are Bryant and Lauren, two siblings who are passionate about storytelling through photographs.

We come from a family where everyone is always welcome, coffee is always available, and good food is never optional. A love for documentation is our heritage; passed down from our grandfather to our father to us.

As kids, our dad would teach us about f-stops and exposures. We learned Photoshop years before learning to drive and owned many versions of the Canon Powershot. But after leaving home is when we began discovering photography as a voice and our cameras as extensions of our arms.

Three years apart in age, apart from watching Recess while eating Cup O Noodles after school and spending hours at the karate studio, we had little else in common. When we got to share a year together in high school, however, our lives intersected and our friendship began. We cherished that year together, challenging one another to try new things we individually wouldn’t be naturally inclined to do.

Four years later, we were able to share a year together studying art at UCLA, which is really when we became best friends. What began as a hobby that Bryant pursued as a way to raise support for a summer trip to Australia progressed into the opportunity to capture sweet moments in people’s lives.

Through the seasons we have served people through documentation, we have encountered abundant joy and have built treasured friendships. We would love to get to know you!

Bryant’s adventures @homnomnom

Lauren’s musings @hellolaurlarsen