Hundreds of teary-eyed people buzzed in the foyer of The Broad Stage last Friday night after the World Premiere of The Drop Box Film.  Huge, congratulatory hugs and smiles from ear to ear greeted friends, family, and supporters who partnered alongside the team that spent years pouring their hearts into telling this story.  It was a big night for many, especially Brian Ivie, the film’s director.

In 2011, Brian and a team went to South Korea after reading an article in the Los Angeles Times about a pastor who installed a box off the side of his home for mothers to leave their unwanted babies.  Otherwise, these babies would be left to die on the streets.  While making this documentary, Brian encountered true love, which changed him forever.

That love, enabled Brian to love.  After the crowd died down, Brian took his girlfriend, Amanda, back into the theater for a super-surprise-secret short film he made asking her to marry him. They laughed — they cried — I cried… it was beautiful.


The Drop Box will be in theaters across the nation for three nights only, March 3-5!  Buy your tickets, and tickets for everyone you know, here!  To partner alongside Pastor Lee, find out more here!

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The first time I had the opportunity to hang out with Jessica and Steven together was sitting on the floor on the second level of a loft in Venice Beach.  Though I’m pretty sure there were Nerf Gun darts flying over and around us and some of our friends were dancing their hearts out to Destiny’s Child, none of that seemed to matter as we talked with the two of them.  I have never met anyone who listens so attentively as Jessica.  You could be standing in middle of a treacherous storm talking about the most mundane thing and she would give you her undivided attention without flinching.  Now meet her husband, Steve, generous, humble, and incredibly selfless.  I honestly don’t know if I have ever seen a groom look at his bride so tenderly.  It was an absolute joy to capture their wedding day, which radiated with a love so Divine, I will never forget it.  A million thanks to our friend Shane for helping us photograph this day!

Two thousand fourteen has stretched, broken, and strengthened us in ways we could have never foreseen.  Through seasons of plenty and seasons of pain, we have begun to know how to be abased and how to abound.  This year we scaled mountains and walked through dark valleys, here at home and around the world. Yet, we have seen beauty in the majestic and in the mundane, both near and far.  We are so grateful for the opportunities we have been given to document these joys, and you, beloved, who have walked alongside us every step of the way.  Words cannot express how thankful we are to all of you who have shared in our triumphs and in our sorrows.  It has been an even greater honor to share in yours.

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